About Us

GEMS Girls Inc.

GEMS = Gaining Emotional Mastery Skills

GEMS (Gaining Emotional Mastery Skills). was founded in November 2022 as a non-profit after school program for preteen girls. The program focuses on emotional intelligence, mindset skills, confidence building, and healthy relationships with self and others.

Our goal is to equip girls with the tools they need to deal with stress, an appreciation of their own strengths, and a safe space to talk about the difficult issues with like-minded peers.

"Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; to heck with sugar and spice."

-Bethany Hamilton

Our Mission

We partner with educators, coaches, and leaders to provide after-school clubs and workshops that equip girls with emotional intelligence and practical skills to achieve their future goals- while having fun!

Our Vision

We will have at least one club in every major city across the United States, preparing thousands of today’s girls to become tomorrow’s strong women.

What makes us unique?

We teach both practical skills AND emotional intelligence. Girls learn leadership skills, financial literacy, nutrition, and more, along with the traditional topics covered by other Social-Emotional Learning programs.

We exclusively serve preteen girls (and non-binary kids). This narrow focus allows us to dive deep into issues that matter to the girls; most SEL programs serve both boys and girls so some issues are not addressed.


Girls are bombarded with media images of what they should look like and how they should behave- and most of these images were created by men. 

When girls think they don’t measure up, they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, and lonely. 

The social pressures may result in mental health issues, eating disorders, or other forms of self-harm with lasting effects.

Our Board Members are women who are passionate about helping preteen girls learn the skills they need to deal with stress, recognize their unique strengths, and build healthy relationships.
Our Leaders are educators, coaches, social workers, and other adults who share our passion and want to bring the GEMS message to their communities. 
We want to be the role models that we needed as kids. We want to help girls avoid the pitfalls of self-doubt and learn to shine.

We also accept donations via personal check. Please make checks out to “GEMS Inc” and mail to 5806 Old Plank Road, Charlotte, NC 28216. Thank you!