Frequently Asked Questions- The Program

We believe that the preteen years are the key time frame for girls to develop confidence, build strong relationships, and identify their own strengths and talents. This age is especially difficult with the transition to middle school and the onset of puberty, so girls need all the support and resources they can get.

The program is meant to be a six-month cycle where each topic builds on the prior ones, so we do not allow for one-off enrollments. Girls also benefit from consistency in the group for relationship building and rapport. An exception may be made for late enrollments who miss only the first month of content- check with your GEMS Leader.

The enrollment fee is $97 per month for the six-month program. Scholarships and reduced fee spots are available based on financial need.

The enrollment fee covers the monthly GEMS Box, the GEMS Leader stipend, all materials and supplies, as well as administrative costs for the program. 

Contact the GEMS Leader at your school to sign up.  If there are no GEMS Leaders at your school, please contact us via the website or email hello@gemsgirls.org for assistance.

Still have questions?

Send us a message and we’ll be happy to assist!

"We must reject not only the stereotypes that others hold of us, but also the stereotypes that we hold of ourselves. -Shirley Chisholm

Frequently Asked Questions- The Leaders

GEMS Leaders are responsible for marketing their clubs, scheduling and running the weekly meetings. All curriculum is provided along with marketing materials, supplies, and additional resources. GEMS is basically a “club-in-a-box” for our Leaders. However, GEMS Leaders serve as mentors and role models to the girls in their clubs and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Leaders need to be reliable, caring, and believe in the mission of GEMS.

Each GEMS Leader must commit to running a club for one school year- six topics of meetings. Leaders are encouraged to sign up for subsequent years but it is not required.

Nope! GEMS Leaders can be any adults who are already involved in working with preteen girls- school social workers, Girl Scout troop leaders, sports coaches, or camp counselors are welcome to apply. A background check may be required for non-teachers to ensure the safety of our girls.

Check out the GEMS Leaders page for more information and to fill out the onboarding form.

Frequently Asked Questions- The Workshops

GEMS Workshops are one-time visits from our mobile clubhouse to your school, Girl Scout troop, sports team, or club. During the workshop, we’ll cover one pre-selected topic within the GEMS curriculum. Girls will get an introduction to the topic, view related media, have discussions, complete a craft/activity, and more. Girls will also receive a GEMS box with all their supplies and goodies.

The GEMS workshop is 1.5 to 2 hours long, depending on the topic. 

The GEMS workshop fee is $49 per girl for groups of 8 to 15. The workshop fee is $45 per girl for groups of 16 to 25. Contact us for pricing for any groups over 25 girls. 

You’ll need a parking area for our mobile clubhouse (bus) so we can come visit you! You’ll also need to work with us in advance to complete our registration process, which includes payment, permission slips, and student roster. If you have girls who may not be able to afford the cost, please contact us to discuss scholarships and subsidies.