GEMS Leaders

Who are the GEMS Leaders?

GEMS Leaders are teachers, coaches, Girl Scout troop leaders, and other adults who work with preteen girls and believe in the GEMS mission. 

What are the duties of a GEMS Leader?

Each GEMS Leader must commit to running a club for one school year (six topics of content). 

Leaders are responsible for scheduling their club meetings, marketing their club, signing up members, and communicating with parents/family members of GEMS Girls. 

Leaders must send in permission slips and photo waivers for club members. 

Leaders collect enrollment fees (if applicable) and submit payment to GEMS Girls Inc. Leaders also provide GEMS Girls Inc. with student information for scholarship spots.

GEMS Leaders are provided with GEMS Boxes each month for distribution to club members.

Everything else is provided for our GEMS Leaders! The curriculum, discussion guides, materials, marketing materials, and more are given to leaders at no charge.  Our online Leader Portal allows for easy 24/7 access.

What are the benefits of being a GEMS Leader?

GEMS Leaders have the privilege of being mentors to the next generation of girls and providing Social-Emotional Learning skills that may not be covered during school hours.

Leaders also receive a monthly stipend based on the number of girls in their clubs. The stipend amount is not capped so it’s up to you how many girls you enroll- you can even choose to run multiple cohorts if you want! 

You can also be listed in our GEMS Leader directory so local families can find your club and reach out to enroll their daughters.

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Steps to Become a GEMS Leader

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