GEMS (Gaining Emotional Mastery Skills)

Equipping today’s girls to become tomorrow’s strong, confident women!

What is GEMS?

GEMS (Gaining Emotional Mastery Skills) is a North Carolina-based nonprofit that partners with educators, coaches, and leaders to run after-school clubs and workshops for preteen girls. 

We focus on Social-Emotional Learning to increase Emotional Intelligence, as well as teaching practical skills such as financial literacy and nutrition. 

We address the tough issues facing girls today, including social media pressure and body image, in a way that is age-appropriate and relatable.

Why do we focus on preteen girls?

What are we doing to help?

Creating a Safe Space

Launching clubs in schools, camps, sports teams, scout troops, and more.

Introducing Role Models

Presenting historical figures as well as live guest speakers and GEMS Leaders.

Talking About the Hard Stuff

Facilitating discussions on issues such as social media pressure, body image, friendships, and stress.

Providing Tools and Strategies

Giving girls healthy ways of dealing with stress and the ability to recognize their own gifts.

How to Support GEMS

Donate to the GEMS Girls Fund.

Each donation is used towards materials, supplies, and administrative costs for the program- we keep overhead to a bare minimum as a non-profit.

Sign up as a GEMS Leader.

A great (paid!) opportunity for teachers, coaches, social workers, troop leaders, and more. Stipends are based on the number of participants in each club. 

Encourage your local schools to work with GEMS.

Be a GEMS advocate to your local elementary and middle school! Talk to your principal or teacher about joining GEMS Girls.

We also accept donations via personal check! Please make checks out to “GEMS Inc” and mail to 5806 Old Plank Road, Charlotte, NC 28216. Thank you!

2023-2024 School Year Goals
Girls Enrolled
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Teacher Leaders
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School Locations
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Scholarships Provided
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Year 1: 4th Grade GEMS Mine

The GEMS Girls program is launching a pilot program for 4th grade during the 2022-2023 school year. Our grade 4 GEMS Mine curriculum includes the following monthly topics:

Future GEMS Mines

Screenshot 2022-06-11 153540
5th Grade: 2024-2025 School Year

Fifth grade topics include Diversity, Financial Literacy, Exercise / Movement, Voice, Creativity / Visual Arts, and Social Media.

Screenshot 2022-06-11 153508
6th Grade: 2025-2026 School Year

Sixth grade topics include Entrepreneurship, STEM, Mindfulness, Creativity / Music and Dance, Political Awareness, and Cooking.

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Meet the Board

Emily Stanley

Emily (she/her) has a BA in Anthropology from Davidson College and an MAT from Queens University of Charlotte. She spent four years in the classroom in North Carolina before moving into the corporate world. Before starting GEMS Girls, she also worked as an ice skating instructor and girls’ empowerment coach.

Taylor Gulley

Taylor (she/her) graduated from East Carolina University with a BA in Psychology and an MSW. Taylor has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist for 7 years along with being a Certified Professional Trauma Therapist as of 2022. She is currently working as a therapist with CaroMont Health in Gastonia.

Let's change the world- Join us now!

Your donations cover enrollment fees for GEMS Girls, stipends for GEMS Teacher Leaders, and so much more. We appreciate every contribution!


To donate via personal check, mail a check made out to “GEMS Inc” to 5806 Old Plank Road, Charlotte, NC 28216. Thank you!

GEMS (Gaining Emotional Mastery Skills) Inc. is a North Carolina incorporated nonprofit corporation and a recognized public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Donations made to GEMS Inc. are tax-deductible.

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